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Today's youth are considered the most inactive generation in history caused in part by their sedentary habits, reductions in school physical education programs and unavailable or unsafe community recreational facilities. Obesity in children and adolescents is a serious issue with many health and social consequences that often continue into adulthood. Implementing preventative programs and getting a better understanding of management for youngsters is important in controlling the obesity epidemic. 


Helping Obesity Prevention in Elementary (HOPE)

H.O.P.E Before and Afterschool program will serve as an important support system providing intervention for latchkey children within the community. We will offer safe and nurturing environment for those younger students that normally return home from school to an empty home because their parents are away at work. 


Camp HOPE summer programming for ages 6-12 for 8 to 10 weeks.  Camp HOPE’s main focus is health awareness and providing physical activity throughout the summer vacation. This atmosphere is not one of babysitting or campers being provided a sedentary environment. Campers will be engaged in various level of activity.


HOPE Activity Days are on Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.  This will also allow those students who wouldn’t normally attend HLSC an opportunity to do so while parents are at work.  During these breaks the program will operate just as the summer camp.


HOPE Week identifies specific topics to target that center around healthy relationships, healthy eating, self-discipline, community, and etc.  During this week one day will be set aside as “Family Night Out” where parents and students will engage in fun activities and break-out sessions.