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Call Us: 1-844-522-4572   /      information@healthylifesportscamp.com    





Helping Obesity Prevention in Elementary (HOPE)

H.O.P.E Before and Afterschool 

Location:   W.E.B. DuBois Elementary of Entrepreneurship K-8

                 8146 E. Shelby Drive

                 Memphis Tn 38125

Start Date: August 12th

Servicing: Grades kk-8th

Time Change:   Before Drop Off School   6:15am 

                         After School Pick Up - 6:00pm

Closures:   H.O.P.E. B/A is closed on ALL school closing days.

                  Fee Waivers Weeks (Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break,)

                     Mandatory Payments: All snowdays/Weeks/student sick/missed days


                   Registration Fee - $75.00   

                   Both Before & After - $65.00       *Registration Fee WAIVED    

                   After School ONLY - $50.00          *Registration Fee WAIVED  

                   Before School ONLY - $20.00      Reg Fee WAIVED  for 2nd Child

Multiple children:  10% Discount starting with 2nd child fee. 

ENTRY DOOR: Pull around to back of building, take the side walk on the side of                        gym for entry.

                      - We will be located in the Gym and Cafeteria


                     Students for Before and After school must have play shoes.                             They are able to change clothes during After School services.

                                       OTHER AVAILABLE OPTIONS

                     1-day ($20.00 afterschool, 25.00 Before & After, $10.00                                           Before Only)- Change of schedule day. Unlimited

                                       - information and payment must be in by 2:45pm

                     4- 1 week(courtesy)

                                       - Parents that don't need weekly services, but only                                              need 1 week, for change of schedule.