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Call Us: 1-844-522-4572   /      information@healthylifesportscamp.com    


Mon, Tue & Wed

7-18yrs ONLY


CLOSED July 1st - 5th 

Mon, Wed & Fri 

6-12yrs ONLY

Tue & Thurs

13 -18yrs ONLY

* students are only allowed to attend on their designated day. 

If they attend other days they will be removed from the camp for the remaining summer. 




Location: New Hope Baptist Church of Memphis -2350 Elvis Presley (Between Alcy & Norris Road)


Time:  4:00pm - 7:00pm

           *No drop off allowed before 4:00pm or after 7:00pm.

           *Students dropped off or picked up outside of these time blocks will be removed from this camp opportunity.


Space is limited.  Registration form will be provided online to be completed on a first come first serve basis.  Once the limit is reached, the form will be removed from the site.




1st - Fill out the online registration form. 

*Please register your children only, refer others to the website to do the same.

     * A separate registration form must be completed for each child.

*Tennis Shoes & T-shirts Only

2nd - 1st day drop off parents must sign the waiver and photo release.

*Finalize Registration

3rd- Parents must sign children in and out each day child is dropped off.

*Mandatory Daily

4th - Children are not required to attend everyday.

However, if you are attending we ask that by 12:00 a courtesy call or text message is given

to assure we have enough monitors and food prepared for day.

5th - Hot dinners are provided daily.

*Any child between 24months-18yrs old whether they attend the camp or not are able to eat, but only between 6:00pm-7:30pm

*Must use side entrance only.

6th - Pick up time is strictly enforced. 

*Students not picked up on time will not be allowed to continue attending camp.