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Message From The CEO

Healthy Life Sports Camp  was created because of my passion for children and athletics.  With over 12 years of teaching Physical Education and over 15 years of coaching, I experience a lot, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Being an athlete myself and awarded an Athletic Scholarship, there were life changing things that took place over the years.  Things that I took away and built upon to make me who I am today, and others that I hoped to never experience again or wouldn't have another athlete or student to go through. 


I LOVE SPORTS and the opportunities that it offers, from social involvement to college scholarships and witnessing the special ones experience a professional career.  It's motivation for me to continue expanding my territory to help impact students abroad.  My personal experiences, my platform, and my desire to be used, allow me to help fill gaps for our students and community. I've helped students from within the school walls and now with greater flexibility, my own way(with a guide), outside of the school walls.


However, I need and desire other organizations to partner and work with for the best results, with greater impact.  Partnerships with schools, church, other nonprofits and corporate support, we can bring about a change, a genuine change.

With direction and purpose,


Nikiel Winston